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Bright and Bold: Elevate Your Summer Closet With Emalina’s Stunning Pieces

Bright and Bold: Elevate Your Summer Closet With Emalina’s Stunning Pieces

The arrival of the summer season revives the energy into our lives again, especially in our wardrobes. This is the time to embrace playful prints, bursting colors, and exciting textures that embody the bright spirit of summer!

This season, Emalina offers a breathtaking array of options that are designed to help you look well-put together with minimal effort! From flowy dresses to chic sets, Emalina has it all! Whether you’re making a splash at the beach or trying to survive the Cairo heat, these tips will help you look effortlessly stylish! Dive into our guide on how to elevate your summer wardrobe with some of Emalina’s latest pieces.

Fit and Flow

Experimenting with the fit and flow of an outfit is a fantastic way to emphasise your silhouette. Take our Summer Confetti Dress, for instance- it comes in pink, white, beige, and yellow, and the stunning design makes for a flattering yet modest shape that’s sure to turn heads!


Florals and abstract prints are a great touch that adds a whole lot of personality and flair to your outfit. Our Prismatic Bloom Dress is made of flowy crepe chiffon, making it a stunning yet breathable option for the scorching Egyptian sun! The different vibrant patterns and lightweight fabric helps you stay cool and chic during the summer. If you’re looking for delicate floral patterns, our Embroidered Linen Luxe Set is just the one for you- the dainty embroidery combines elegance, sophistication, and grace all in one!

Creating Contrast

Adding contrast in your outfit doesn’t just elevate your outfit, it’s about crafting a piece of art! You can create contrast through color, like pairing soft pastel tops with vibrant and bold bottoms, or through texture and fabric, like wearing a chiffon blouse with luxurious silk pants or your favorite pair of jeans. Accessories also add a whole lot of depth to your outfit- a leather belt, beaded jewelry or a raffia clutch can be the piece de resistance of your outfit!

Mix and Match

Last but not least, our favorite tip is mixing and matching pieces from different sets- it’s like having endless outfit possibilities!

Golden Trim Bloom Set Top in Green x Linen Luxe Set Pants in Beige: The combination of the Linen Luxe Set pants’ relaxed, earthy tones with the green Golden Trim Bloom Top create a stunning contrast that’s perfect for everyday occasions. Whether you’re going for breakfast with friends or having a casual evening out, this is your match made in heaven!

New Dawn Breeze Set Pants in Beige x Lace V-Neck Set Top in Blue: This match screams beach color palette- imagine having a seaside lunch in your flowy beige pants, and your vibrant Lace V-Neck top adds a touch of laid-back elegance. Showcase your effortless sense of fashion with this go-to choice.

Long Flowy Basic Top in White x Linen Luxe Set Pants in Black: Pairing these two creates a look that is classic, timeless, and perfect for so many different occasions. This versatile look can effortlessly transform from a casual daytime outfit to a more refined look for evening events with bolder jewellery, shoes, and a more lavish scarf.

Tip: You can also switch the black Linen Luxe Set Pants for the blue ones for a trendier look with extra flair.

With these tips, you can amplify Emalina’s gorgeous pieces and embrace summer with confidence and modesty on a budget! Explore our collection online on the Emalina website to elevate your summer outfits like never before!

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