Colorful Cascade High-Low Kaftan

Embrace the Egyptian Summer with a Splash of Color

Embrace the Egyptian Summer with a Splash of Color

The Egyptian summer arrives with a vibrant passion. The sky is painted with flaming shades by the sun, and the Nile sparkles like a turquoise gem. This is a vibrant season that calls for long days spent outside and breezy nights spent beneath the stars. However, the heat—oh, the heat! It can seem impossible to stay cool and comfy.

Introducing your Secret Summer Weapon: The Emalina Cascade High-Low Kaftan!

Although we have already emphasized the benefits of our traditional linen high-low kaftan, the Emalina Cascade High-Low Kaftan is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a little more colorful flare. With its flowing silhouette and added touch of elegance and movement, this kaftan is made from the same 100% natural linen, which is incredibly breathable and luxurious. 

A Symphony of Sunshine and Sky:

Embrace the summer spirit with our two limited-edition colors: sunshine yellow and refreshing sky blue.

  • Sunshine Yellow: This cheerful color radiates warmth and cheerfulness. As you discover the colorful energy of summer, let your spirit soar like the sun of Egypt. 
  • Blue Sky: Wear our Blue kaftan to channel the soothing chill of the Nile. Perfect for a carefree afternoon tea or a memorable evening under the stars, this shade of gray lends a hint of serenity and easy elegance.

Unbeatable Style at an Unbeatable Price:

At Emalina, we pride ourselves on offering stylish, modest apparel that won't break the bank. The amazing price of the Emalina Cascade High-Low Kaftan is 1560 EGP, which is less than 1600 EGP! You can't beat the price for an item you'll cherish all summer long.

More than just cool, look effortlessly stylish!

The Emalina Cascade High-Low Kaftan is the ideal combination of style, comfort, and value. So embrace the enchantment of the Egyptian summer and don't let the heat stop you. Visit our store or explore our collection online to choose your ideal hue and take in the stunning cascade of this limited-edition kaftan!

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